Posted by: Jack | May 11, 2007

Gotta Play to Live, Gotta Eat to Play

With all the running I’ve been doing lately my metabolism is skyrocketing. Regarding health, this is definitely a good thing but there are a number of other implications involved. I do find pleasure in cooking as well as eating but it’s a little frustrating feeling hungry all day, and it’s getting expensive going through groceries twice as fast.

On the up side I feel like I can eat as much of whatever I want. Now I’ve been fortunate enough to have a natural metabolism that sufficiently supports such habits despite my activity level, but now when I eat excessively I feel like it’s just additional fuel rather than excess.

Another plus is that food obviously just tastes better when you’re hungry. It was this fact that led me to seek out lunch at Subway today…in Tenino. After yesterday’s longest-run-of-my-life I felt that my feet and shins could really use a break so I had no intention of running today. But biking is basically zero-impact so I set out for the longest bike ride of my life. Taking the Chehalis Western Trail South from Lacey I rode 25 miles to Tenino and 16 on the way back via a more direct route. The entire ride was very entertaining thanks to Carl Sagan’s book Contact. With a mixture of science, philosophy and philosophy of science, it’s right up my academic alley.

Sure enough when I arrived at Subway, the sandwich was as good as ever. So were the three cookies, 2 bananas, Hersey Kissables and a Kit-Kat bar. On the ride back I did start feeling the burn as the culmination of a half-marathon, work and 40+ miles of biking began to set in but I made it back in good time nonetheless.

So now it’s back to the kitchen for dinner #2 which will be complimented by the latest episode of Lost. Despite this show’s plot running as astray as it’s title would imply, it somehow continues to draw me in each week with anticipation of a key event which might explain some of the mysteries which remain even from the first season.


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