Posted by: Jack | June 1, 2007

I Don’t Get Along Well With Cats

More accurately, I don’t get along well with cat dander. My allergies have led to a general dislike towards most things feline. They do appear soft and sort of cuddly at times but the inevitable costs of attempting to experience these characteristics easily outweigh the potential benefits.

Despite all of this, it was pretty disconcerting to come home last night to find our neighbor’s cat, Butters, lying on our living room floor apparently unable to move his hind legs or tail. Another neighbor (not Butter’s owners) had witnessed Butters take a fall from a balcony to the ground about 30 feet below. We later found out that Butters had survived this fall at least twice before, seemingly without injury. The neighbor who witnessed the fall quickly gathered up Butters and tried to take him to his owners but found they weren’t home. He needed to go to work so he left Butters with Anna.

Eventually Anthony (one of Butter’s owners) made it home and promptly rushed off to an emergency veterinarian. This afternoon I received word that Butters had broken his back, severing his spinal cord and had to be put down.

It’s kind of a sad day around here.


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