Posted by: Jack | June 5, 2007

A Simple and Tasty Treat

I went to the kitchen looking for a snack the other night but found our provisions were in short supply. Scratching away at my head I eventually came to the decision to spread a bit of peanut butter on a honey graham cracker. It is said that the senses of smell and taste have very strong connections with memory and upon my first bite I had that frustrating sensation of knowing I had tasted this taste before but being unable to place it. After waiting impatiently for Anna to return home, I immediately shoved a cracker in her mouth and as expected she immediately knew the taste. Nutter Butters! Now this is pure speculation as I haven’t looked into the price and nutrition of Nabisco’s Nutter Butters but I would be willing to bet that my method of producing this flavor is both healthier and cheaper.

I suggest picking up a jar and a box and trying this for yourself. I was surprised at how the two unique flavors become one entirely new one and I think you will be too.



  1. Runs in the family… in all honesty I eat this combo at least twice a week. Although I tend to use chocolate graham crackers (shocker). A good variation is to add melted marshmallow — instant s’mores.

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