Posted by: Jack | June 8, 2007

Who Needs Dental Insurance When Jesus Has Got My Back?

About two weeks ago a volunteer at the clinic where Anna works brought in some pizza he had purchased at Costco. Being the thoughtful person that she is, Anna brought home some of the leftovers. On my second or third bite I bit down on something very hard and a short while later discovered I had chipped off a small portion of one of my molars. The chip was small enough to not cause real concern about exposed dentin but it did leave a pretty sharp point which could potentially poke my tongue.

Thankfully, Anna is a pro when it comes to discount resources in Olympia and she referred me to a few places including the Olympia Union Gospel Mission. I got an appointment the following week and from there was sent off to a local dentist who performs a certain number of free services each month. I went there today, got the tooth all fixed up and left without spending a dime.

Atheistic arguing point # 482-B: Surely a devoutly judgmental and omnipotent god would not provide opportunity for exploitation of it’s followers as well as the name of it’s one-time embodiment, Jesus Christ, by a non-believer.

If you take offense to this, try removing any connotations you may be deriving from the word exploit. If you still take offense, stop thinking that a god (a being which is by definition not human) would have an assigned sex. If offense remains you would probably disagree with a lot of my fundamental philosophies.


  1. You lost me on this one Jackson, but I’m grateful to the Olympia Union Gospel Mission for assisting you in your time of need regardless of any interpretation. BTW, did you discover what was in the pizza that caused your tooth to break?

  2. 1. that doc is probably provided some benefit via tax relief or local/state/fed subsidy. so in the end its you and your neighbors picking up that tab.
    2. there are others that need those services more than you.
    3. did something happen to you at church back in the day?

    love always,


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