Posted by: Jack | June 20, 2007

Day-Trip to Seattle

On Sunday Anna received a call from her life-long friend, Biz who was on her way to Seattle from western Montana. She and her three roommates/friends/co-workers had no work to do through Tuesday–or so they believed–and had decided to explore a little further West.

We couldn’t pass up an opportunity to see Biz when she was only an hour away so Anna got off of work early on Monday and we drove up to meet them. We thought we might make a night of it and find a hostel to crash in but just as we were leaving we received another call from Biz explaining that their boss was returning early from the trip she was apparently on and would have work for the crew on Tuesday. This is when we figured out that this little trip of theirs was not exactly approved time-off. Anyways, this meant that Biz and friends would have to be leaving Monday evening, thus eliminating the possibility of a night on the town. Nonetheless we got on the road for Seattle and rendezvoused (that is a weird looking word) at the Olympic Sculpture Garden which is an outdoor portion of the Seattle Art Museum. Presumably the garden received the title “Olympic” because on a clear day the Olympics would be very visible across Puget Sound but unfortunately overcast skies had hidden the range from view.

Much to my delight, Anna is really taking a liking to disc golf and as a result is quickly improving her game…or maybe it’s the other way around. Either way, we invited the visitors to join us for a round at a park on the south side of Seattle and although three of them had never played they seemed eager to give it a shot. The 18 hole course was at Lakewood Park and was a nice change from the nine short holes I’ve been playing regularly in Olympia. This course featured many longer holes including one that had to be 600+ feet in length (most holes fall between 280′ and 420′). I was very excited when I birdied (two throws) the fourth hole (404′ with a pin not visible from the tee) with a ~360′ drive and a ~40′ putt.

By the time we finished up the round, the Montanan’s seemed eager to get heading back East since they would now be arriving home around 3 AM at the earliest. But, just as we were saying goodbye, the whole group suddenly seemed to think that dinner at a brew pub was more of a priority than getting any sleep before work the next day. On Anna’s recommendation–not that she had ever been before–we went to the nearby Pyramid Brewery. After ordering some food and exploring the variety of brews on tap in the form of a sampler, we were each about to order a pint of the beer we had enjoyed most. However, the next time our waiter showed up he came bearing a complimentary pitcher and apologies for our delayed meals which we honestly didn’t think had yet taken too long. A while later when we began to feel the apologies were necessary, he came by again to offer us each another pint on the house. Finding no objections from us, he returned with the beer and our food just a few minutes later. I was a little worried that the pot roast I had ordered would either be really small, really bad or both since it only cost $9 but as it turns out, my worries were entirely misplaced. The entire platter had a classic home-cooked taste–thats saying a lot, Mom’s pot roast is a favorite of mine–and filled me up well beyond comfort. If you’re ever in Seattle and looking for good food and beer at a great price, check out this brewery, ask for Joe as your waiter and order things that take a long time to cook.

After dinner we said goodbyes again and for real this time. With a little bit of light left in the day and alcohol left in the blood, Anna and I decided to partake in a walk around town before leaving for Olympia. We picked up some lattes along the way and were given some thick, delicious slices of banana bread on the house since the shop was closing momentarily and the food would have otherwise been thrown out. Enjoying our treats, we made our way down to the shoreline to watch the sunset over the Olympics which were just barely peaking out of the tops of the clouds. I thought this picture turned out especially interesting because the sky looks a lot like Jupiter.

I have to admit that this little trip made me reconsider my previous feelings about Seattle.


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