Posted by: Jack | June 20, 2007

Yesterday Was Intense

After my recent success in the sport of running I’ve been feeling the triathlon itch. I bike somewhere or other nearly every day so I feel like I’ve got that sport under my belt as well. Swimming is another issue. Save for yesterday, the last time I swam laps was a couple years ago in a scuba certification course. Students had to complete 150 meters (6 lengths) without pause and I was pretty surprised when this turned out to be a bit of a challenge. I was by no means a star on swim team as a child but I did participate for four or five years. And in a high school gym class I was swimming ~1400 meters a couple times each week and didn’t find it to be too straining.

When Anna and I biked out to Black Lake yesterday morning I was hoping that my past experience and current fitness would provide at least a moderate level of ability in the water. Our plan was to swim for a half hour because there was no easy way to calculate distance-traveled on the open water. Jumping in, I let Anna take the lead because I figured I would be lagging behind anyway as I re-established my strokes. But literally about 50 feet later I felt like I was drowning. I don’t know if my body was exerting too much ineffective effort or if my breathing technique was flawed but it seemed that my lungs couldn’t keep up with the rest of me. Whatever the cause, I was finding myself pretty discouraged. I managed to complete about 500 meters eventually, with a couple water-treading breaks.

Meanwhile Anna, who has been swimming 1 – 2 miles three times a week for the better part of a year now, was out there cruising along for the full half hour and swam at least twice as far as I had. For the time being we may have to stick to relay-format triathlons so I can leave the swimming up to her.

We biked home and as Anna left for work, I left for disc golf. I had purchased a new disc the day before while up in Seattle and wanted to give it a whirl. The disc (Wraith) is suspected to be the next disc to break the distance world record (currently held by the Innova Valkyrie at a distance of 820′). I think it’s interesting that when it comes to distance records, the discs usually get more credit than the throwers. I started playing with the new disc and found it to be very stable (this is a technical term) which is a big change from the under-stable discs I’ve been throwing regularly. I’ll have to bring back some techniques I left in my early days of playing with the Cheetah and the Gazelle.

I had a pretty bad round of 9-holes despite two near-aces on a couple of the especially short holes and decided to pass on a second round. Returning home I packed up all of my juggling, slacklining and Ultimate gear before heading to a small park on the southeast side of town. After entertaining some of the kids at the nearby playground for awhile, I was joined by a bunch of co-workers for a pick-up game of Ultimate. We played for about an hour and a half in the intense heat and glare of the late-afternoon sun and I’m happy to say that once again I was the only player to go undefeated after three games, mixing up the teams between each game.

This morning I am feeling pretty strong, and hoping to have another great day. I’ve got juggling club this evening and am planning on a couple rounds of disc before then.


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