Posted by: Jack | June 22, 2007


Went out for a round of disc golf this morning with a few guys despite the feeling that my arm and shoulder could use a few days off. I’m glad the soreness didn’t deter me because it turned out to be a pretty good day.

About a week ago I was playing when an older guy came walking along and asked what I was up to. He had never seen disc golf before so I explained the basics. Eventually he asked me to go ahead and throw the next hole saying, “Show me how it’s done.” I proceeded by tossing a perfect arc which zoned right in on the basket, nailing it dead center but bouncing out. Nonetheless, he was impressed. I tried to play it off like I was just demonstrating my usual skills.

Today when we were starting our round, a group of seven players who were admittedly new to the sport asked us to jump ahead of them so they could watch our technique. I stepped up to the tee and threw a fast, low and straight bullet which began along one side of the tree-lined alley that is the fairway, then crossed to the far side, brushing a few leaves before bending back and landing a couple of feet from the basket. It was by far my best drive on this hole to date. I finished up the hole with an easy putt for birdie (2).

The second hole took me back with a drive straight into a tree and an approach that overshot the basket, landing right behind another tree which left me with a bogey (4). The third hole was probably more disappointing when a great drive was followed by a terrible putt that should have been an easy birdie but instead bounced back off the basket with a gimme for par (3).

Hole four was birdied (2) with a soaring sky hook overshooting the basket but still providing an easy follow up putt.  Holes five and six were nothing special but I maintained par on each(3,3).

On hole seven I decided to give my new disc, a bright pink Wraith, another try. I had thrown it a number of times and found it’s extremely reliable hook not meshing well with my style of drive. I aimed a little farther to the right than I would with most discs and gave a nice controlled toss. The disc flew up and bent perfectly around the three trees between the tee and basket before slicing down and striking the chains with a satisfying “Ching!” Unable to see the basket from the tee I immediately had to run up to confirm that sure enough, my disc had landed in the basket giving me an eagle (1) and my third-ever hole-in-one.

Fully satisfied with the day and with my new disc I continued on to birdie holes eight and nine (2,2) leaving me with a total score of -5 (22 on a par 27). This is currently my best score for the course.

With a little extra time we played the first few holes again and I managed yet another terrible drive into a tree on hole two but redeemed myself, sinking an 80′ approach shot for birdie followed by two more birdies on holes three and four.



  1. Nice ACE! Where is this course at, probably not in the NW?

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