Posted by: Jack | June 23, 2007

Windows Vista

After incurring a major infection by various trojans, adwares and malwares yesterday which led to stop errors occurring before Windows could fully load, I decided there would be no time like the present to upgrade to Vista. I was further encouraged to do so when I found that both of my XP discs were critically damaged and in order to replace them I would have to reassemble my old machine, pull the burner from my current machine and attempt to figure out the burning software supposedly included in a Unix OS which I’ve only used once.

Similarly, I decided that the conveinences of a legitimate copy of Vista and the ease of acquiring said copy make the expense justifiable. So I ran over to Staples and dropped a large chunk of change on the very first OS I’ve ever purchased.

Generally, a modern OS installation is a pretty simple process but I needed to access some files off of my primary partition before formatting for a fresh install. So as it turns out, I had to reassemble my old machine anyway and get it up and running with the Kubuntu OS. After backing up the necessary files I went about a test run of the installation on an old hd just to see what kind of storage is required and to get a feel for the new system. One interesting thing I found–and I haven’t yet looked up how this works–is that Vista seems to have a way of formatting drives instantaneously (during install only). Previously, at least half of an OS installation was spent formatting at a speed of about 30-45 seconds per gigabyte of storage.

After the test run I reconnected my more recent drives (running three now) and installed. After playing around with the basics of the OS for awhile I have to say it’s really looking a lot like a cross between OSX and Linux with plenty of additional flashy features, most of which I’m sure I’ll turn off before the day has passed.

Before getting into the lengthy task of re-installing all of my software I’m trying to figure out the best utilization of my six hd partitions. This would be easy if I had a massive external hd with a capacity surpassing 400 GB on which I could store everything while I deleted/resized my partitions. But having just dropped so much $ on the OS, and some juggling bean bags yesterday, I am reluctant to continue the spending spree.

Well enough about the tasks at hand. I will likely post again once I’ve got everything up and running (hopefully soon).


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