Posted by: Jack | June 25, 2007

Green Lake 1 Mile Swim

Yesterday I completed the 1-mile Green Lake Open Water Swim in Seattle. Or wait…disregard that, I’m still terrible at swimming so I stood on the shore and cheered while Anna swam in the race. As I’ve mentioned before, Anna swims between one and two miles three times each week with her masters swim team so this one mile race served as more of an introduction to open water and group swimming rather than an endurance challenge.

Prior to the air-horn which was to signal the start of the race, there was a humorous misunderstanding as a couple of swimmers randomly began the race prematurely. As a result nearly every other swimmer thought they must have missed the starting signal and therefore also took off. One by one, the swimmers caught on to the yells coming from the lifeguards and popped out of the water to see what was going on.

Anna finished with a great time and strode out of the water with a fairly obvious no-big-deal attitude. If I’m to have any hope of competing in triathlons with her I’m really going to have to step up my swimming practices.

Earlier that morning, just after arriving at Green Lake, we were walking along the shoreline when we spotted this Bald Eagle perched on top of a floating dive raft. The courageous, or maybe just stupid, black bird in the photo was repeatedly dive-bombing the eagle, squawking away the whole time. If I had to guess I would say it was a territorial dispute.

A short while later we encountered a paddling of very tame ducks that seemed more than happy to let me take a bunch of close-up photos.

Originally it was our intention to follow the race with a visit to the flagship REI, a walk through Pike Place Market and some lunch in town. We made it to REI where I bought some blister-preventing running/hiking socks which I’m really happy about and a camp-pot grabber, a $3 item which I’ve been needing for a couple years now. Continuing further downtown we found ourselves thoroughly denied any access to Pike Place Market by a major parade that was in progress. After spending far too long in gridlock we aborted our plans and decided that the market in Olympia would be entirely sufficient for fresh produce and lunch.

At the Olympia market we ran into one of the families that employs Anna’s babysitting services and the parents were very flattering, explaining how they’ve been so anxious to meet this person whom their children only refer to as Juggling-Jack.


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