Posted by: Jack | June 27, 2007

Like a Kid Before Christmas…

…I’ve been impatiently pacing around the house waiting for a gift (from me, to me) to arrive via UPS. It’s a super nice day today and the wind is calm so I’m really anxious to go juggling at a park downtown but the package I’m waiting for contains some brand new beanbags. If I leave now I’ll likely miss the delivery and have to wait until tomorrow. So I’ve decided to stick it out until they arrive and then go juggling but in the mean time I’m having a hard time doing anything else due to the anticipation.

Almost as exciting as the prospective skills I’ll obtain with these beanbags is the realization that at age 24 I can get so worked up over new toys.

Follow Up Edit:

As I had done many times throughout the past few days, I checked UPS’s online package tracking a short while after writing this post. Apparently my package was addressed with all of my correct information except for the street number which was left off entirely. The online tracker informed me that UPS would be attempting to retrieve this information and I thought I would call in and help them out. The update went through but I was told the package would be rescheduled for delivery tomorrow.

Most annoying about this mix up is that my street is a very short court and there is only one set of apartments with an address on this court. My package was labeled with my apartment number which leaves only one possible address. Additionally, we have had the same UPS delivery woman working our route at least as long as we’ve lived here and she should be able to figure this out.

On a bright side, knowing that there was no point in waiting around any longer, I went downtown and found at least 150 people hanging out at the fountain park. As soon as I began juggling I was swarmed with little kids who were so excited when I told them to help themselves to the various juggling apparatus. Despite their fairly futile attempts, it was fun to perform/teach for such an appreciative crowd. On top of that, apparently some parents were grateful for the parenting break and managed to sneak a few tips into my bag when I wasn’t looking. Since I hadn’t brought my wallet with me, this gratuity came in handy when the ice cream truck rolled up.

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