Posted by: Jack | July 16, 2007

Anna is a Fat Salmon

Yesterday Anna and I arose well before the sun managed to do the same. Climbing into the car we drove North to Lake Washington in Seattle. After getting through registration and driving to another location on the lake, Anna put on her suit, cap and goggles before stepping into the lake with about 150 other swimmers. Standing in the shallows directly under the I-90 bridge, they all waited for the countdown and were off.

The challenge was to swim North 3.2 miles along the Western shore, finishing at Madison Park (map). As the competitors were swimming farther than I could swim even if my life depended on it, I made my way back to Madison Park (in the car) and spent some time juggling on the beach.

I was pretty blown away when the first swimmers came in at just over one hour and six minutes; basically twenty-minute miles. Anna didn’t complete the race quite that fast but did finish strong and walked out of the water with a smile on her face.

We hung around for the awards ceremony featuring prizes in the form of Salmon, the top prize being a fresh, whole fish valued at $150. Inching along through downtown Seattle traffic we eventually got back on I-5 heading for Tacoma where we enjoyed a celebratory lunch before continuing to Olympia.


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