Posted by: Jack | July 16, 2007

Annoying Weekend

One weekend of each year, the ears in Olympia are tormented by the horrendous revving and whining of little boats racing in circles on Capital Lake. Below I’ve included a little taste of what we’re dealing with from dawn until dusk.

The two videos are the same clip. The first has the sound removed to demonstrate the “control” situation. The second has the audio included. Keep in mind the sounds are originating nearly a mile away.

I’m sure that the event organizers obtained all the necessary permits to host such an event in the middle of downtown on this otherwise gorgeous weekend but what annoys me is that I was never asked if it was ok with me. Likewise, I imagine most Olympians were not invited to approve or disapprove of this event. With the large number of lakes and bays in the area, why must this terrible sound be plaguing this city for two full days?

While on the subject I would like to address a relevant issue. If one searches for meaning of the word “sport” on let’s say,, the first definition listed is:

sport: -noun. An athletic activity requiring skill or physical prowess and often of a competitive nature

I would like to draw attention to some keywords: athletic and physical. Now consider the term “motorsports”. I think you can see the point I would raise. Now I don’t believe that this is justification for getting rid of motorsports or even demeaning the activities in anyway. I have other reasons for that. I just think that truly athletic and physical sports should reclaim the word and things like Nascar should be referred to as “motor activities” or “motorized competition”. Driving is not a sport. Driver’s are not athletes. Some may claim that it takes finely tuned physical coordination to perform some of the feats demonstrated in such activities, and they are correct. But it also takes finely tuned coordination to crochet well but I’ve never heard anyone talk about yarnsports.


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