Posted by: Jack | July 16, 2007


I like to think of myself as a reasonably (or maybe even unreasonably) critical thinker. So I have to give credit to Michael Moore for his films which bring me significant frustration with each new release. I know his documentaries are extremely one-sided and yet I have a fairly hard time not buying into them; at least for the duration of the film.

Having watched Sicko last night, I briefly found myself despising the health insurance system in the United States. And on top of that, Anna and I ended up half-joking about moving to Canada or one of many European countries with similar universal health care. This movie really made us feel like we were getting entirely ripped off by our insurance providers.

Despite the realization that this is an extremely biased documentary, I am still recommending it as it raises awareness of some serious issues. For example, no matter what spin you put on it, the concept of retroactive coverage cancellation is flat out evil; the idea that someone can be approved for insurance–because no one will spend the time or money to validate the application–and then after a need for insurance arises have that coverage dropped. I imagine that in these cases, the insurance company happily refunds the previously paid premiums but this would be of little consolation. Insurance companies are supposed to sell peace of mind even if it’s at a high rate, but with retroactive cancellation remaining legal, it fails to do even that.


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