Posted by: Jack | July 17, 2007

Epic Journey: Supplementary Photos

Four months ago I was in the midst of my trip through the southwest enjoying many of the national parks and time with good friends. And it took all of the four months since then to gather pictures from those friends. Below are a number of those photos which feature me.

This first image sequence was taken by Tyler Schuenemann on my first day in Red Rock Valley and my only day of climbing. This was a really fun, overhanging boulder problem. Click image for full size view.

This picture was taken on top of a rocky hill in Red Rock Valley and was quite a shock when I first saw it. I had never seen such a close up profile photo of myself and didn’t recognize the person in the picture. By Tyler Schuenemann.

Juggling four clubs in perfect rhythm just West of Las Vegas. Photo by Travis Melin.

Hanging out with the old roommates at base camp in Red Rock Valley. Photo by Vanessa Keller.

MUni at the third pull out in Red Rock Valley. Be sure to notice Ross bouldering below me. Photo by Travis Melin.

Passing time at the third pull out while waiting for the multi-pitch climbers to return from their long day. Photo by Travis Melin.

While ascending the Emerald Pools Trail in Zion National Park, we found our selves leaping among the boulders, often spanning small pools of water. I had managed to clear this small gap but the rock I leaped from was unexpectedly slippery which left me with less than sufficient momentum to get past the slippery slope that was my landing zone. As a result I helplessly slid right back down into this pool. My fellow hikers were not entirely sympathetic. Photo by Shawn Olesewski.

Attempting to circumnavigate a boulder residing in the Emerald Pools at the end of the trail. Photo by Travis Melin.

Another angle of the same boulder problem. At this point I’m receiving beta from Tyler but unfortunately our combined efforts got me no further than this. The only way out was the icy cool water. Photo by Shawn Olesewski.

A unique boulder problem which we came across while descending the Emerald Pools trail in Zion. As awkward as it appears, this turned out to be one of the more efficient methods of solving this problem. Photo by Jess Mollison.

Riding across Pritchett Arch outside of Moab, UT on the last day of my journey. Finding a route up there which was safe to ascend and descend while carrying a unicycle was no small task. Well worth the trouble. Photo by unknown mountain unicyclist.

Click here to read more about this Epic Journey.

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