Posted by: Jack | July 17, 2007

Tires Are Expensive

Set of four new tires plus installation: $480

And now I need new rear brake rotors too.

I think the transportation industry should skip all this hybrid transitional stuff and jump right up to concepts seen in the movie Minority Report. Eliminate traffic, accidents and the need for someone to actually drive the vehicle, all while increasing energy efficiency.  Soft rubber tires on intentionally roughened rock is about as inefficient as a system could get. Yet they were the materials of choice all because people thought it would be convenient to be able to turn and stop. Craziness.



  1. I feel your pain!

    Try this on for size…Drive tire blowout on a tractor trailer, middle of nowhere.

    Service call and new tire = $600

    If it had to be done, the price to replace the other 17 would buy a nice used car.

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