Posted by: Jack | July 18, 2007

Finally Not Getting Ripped Off By My Wireless Provider

I recently read that today’s 21 year olds (in the U.S.) will have spent on average 10,000 hours on the phone. No source was cited for this statistic and I kind of have a hard time believing that the average person spends nearly two hours on the phone each day (assuming that most people don’t do a lot of talking on the phone before age 5). But then again, I know a number of people who have wireless plans in excess of 1000 minutes/month and they still incur surcharges.

So I can see why wireless providers develop plans for the heavy talker. But I would guess that since I first started using the phone, be it landline or wireless, I’ve spent an average of one hour/month on the phone. Typically, wireless providers don’t offer a plan that suits someone like me, and if they do, they don’t advertise it. And this is why I’ve been paying T-Mobile $50/month for the last year for 600 minutes/month of which I typically use about 100.

Thankfully a co-worker tipped me off to T-Mobile’s prepaid plan and a few days ago my previous contract expired so I switched over. This morning I paid $100 to load my phone with 1000 minutes. These minutes are good for one year and will likely last me that long. So basically I’ve cut my wireless bill by 82% (from about $625/year to $108/year). So with this saved $500 I should probably go make a down payment on a $4000+ TV, right? That seems to be what people do when they delude themselves into thinking they’ve suddenly come into “extra” money.


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