Posted by: Jack | July 20, 2007

Transformers: Chaos Meets the Eye

Don’t get me wrong; any movie bringing back icons from my childhood is going to receive a fair amount of credit from me. And it’s definitely a good thing that this movie was not created until CGI rendering was capable of doing justice to the transformers themselves. But where this movie could have, and should have been great, it came through as just pretty alright.

First and biggest complaint: Grab a handful of chromed metal scraps. Now get yourself a similar pile of scraps but make them red and blue. Now toss it all in a blender and hit puree. The result is a good approximation of every battle in this film. Oh, and instead of looking directly at the blender, film it using a video camera in a paint mixer.

The transformers really did look like very real physical objects when they slowed down or stood still. If the action scenes were just a little less chaotic, it could have been so much cooler. I didn’t even know who was fighting most of the time.

Second: Transformers are cool. The obvious target demographics for this movie are going to pay to see transforming robots. It is unnecessary and inappropriate to just toss in: an extremely rushed love story, comic relief in the form of unbelievable characters, commentary on the war in Iraq, and a way overshot attempt at political correctness. Make a transformers movie about transformers and people will be fully satisfied.

Third: Presenting a basis for a sequel is a good idea in any movie that might be the start of a series. But don’t explicitly plug this precursor in at the end of the film with a summation in narrative form.

Despite all of this, I am still recommending this movie; especially for anyone who ever enjoyed the original Transformers. The visuals are astounding (at times) and the action is plentiful. Anna had never experienced the Transformers in any form and she seemed pleasantly surprised so it may appeal to more than just boys between the ages of five and forty.

Also noteworthy; we saw this movie at a drive-in which was a first for both of us. Kind of a fun novelty and surprisingly cheaper than standard theaters but I don’t know if I’ll make a habit of it. Cars just aren’t super comfortable.

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