Posted by: Jack | July 24, 2007

Union Flaw #147

It should be obvious that a labor union system is problematic when an entire hotel staff must take time away from their assigned tasks to regularly file reports and complaints regarding one employee just so the management can “make a case” against that employee. Despite said employee regularly not performing his only simple task, which in turn makes the jobs of other staff not possible, management cannot just fire him.

And once one observes all union regulations, it can be seen that management in fact has basically no ability to manage employees.

If the hotel I work at was not a union property:

  1. I would receive more hours, thereby making more money.
  2. A dishwasher who was willing to wash dishes would be hired.
  3. A number of more senior employees would be forced to actually work for their pay.
  4. The customers would receive better service since employees would understand that less than satisfactory service could threaten their employment.
  5. The hotel would build a better reputation regarding customer satisfaction and in turn receive more business.

When both the management and the employees whom the management recognize as dedicated workers agree that the union is detrimental to business, why does the union remain?

…it’s probably about time to be moving along to a career oriented position.



  1. I sympathize completely, but assure you most of those problems can exist outside of a labor union system. I look forward to updating you on the performance, attendance, cleanliness and attire of my fav non-union, entirely un-fireable coworker later this week.

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