Posted by: Jack | July 28, 2007

It’s That Time Again

In approximately four hours (3:30 AM), Anna, Jennie, Julie and I will be waking to head for Comox, BC where we’ll meet up with the rest of the family for this year’s sailing trip. If you are troubled by the imminent lack of new posts in the following week, take solace in the realization that it is trips like these that supply the basis for my most interesting and photographic entries on this site.

We will be returning on August 5th or 6th but unfortunately I cannot promise a full, or even partial debriefing of this sailing trip at that time because very early on the 7th we will be departing Olympia once again, this time headed for the Midwest. Our destination: the Doug and Autumn Bachelor and Bachelorette Backpacking Party of August 2007 on the North Country Trail in Lake Superior National Lakeshore, Michigan. From this extravaganza we will return on August 18th and at that time I invite all of my readers to return in search of great tales and photographs from both of these journeys.

Until then…


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