Posted by: Jack | August 21, 2007


You may not have guessed that I’m a fan of musicals. And Anna is even more so. On a sort of whim we decided it would be worth it to see this movie in the theater so today we did just that. The best word I can think of is “fun”. Most of it is just happy song and dance with a fair amount of comedy. The movie confronts the subject of racial integration…not really an edgy subject today, but still an uplifting concept.

My only complaint is the publicity-seeking, over-acted cameo by John Travolta as the main character’s mother. Totally uncalled for.

We made a date of the night by taking advantage of a gift certificate for two buffet dinners at a local casino. Last time we went to an all-you-can-eat buffet we walked out saying that we would never again pay to induce such misery. We justified tonight because it was free. As the stomach pains resurged we realized that the cost of driving to the casino surely exceeded that of making dinner at home. So our new vow is no all-you-can-eat buffets period.

It’s strange that the temptation of suspected good flavor as well as the fun of eating a wide assortment of foods seem to easily overpower any attempt to avoid the forseen despair that results from such binging.

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