Posted by: Jack | August 25, 2007

Desolation Sound Sailing – Summer 2007

I’m not really in the mood for writing a lot so this post is going to be primarily photos…lots and lots of photos. But I will preface the trip a bit. On a Friday evening sisters Julie and Jennie came to stay with Anna and I for a very short night’s rest. Well before sunrise on Saturday we all set out for Comox, a small town on Vancouver Island, via the Port Angeles-Victoria Ferry. After nine or ten hours of travel we arrived, and promptly met up with the parents moments before retrieving brother, Jeff, and soon-to-be-sister-in-law, Molly, from the airport. Immediately thereafter we set about making ourselves at home on the Norfinn, a 49′ Jeanneau which would be carrying us on our explorations.

The weather for the first couple days wasn’t great but was hardly worth complaining about. No matter how thick the clouds became, there was always sun peaking through somewhere.

I think the theme for this post is going to be “Less than clever attempts at clever artsy photo titles”. As such, this first image is entitled:

When it Rains, It Shines – Comox Bay

Precocious Reflections – Comox Bay Marina

Norfinn at Bay – Desolation Sound…I’m failing to come up with the name for this specific location.

Idle Watchman – Same location as above

Imminent Obscenity – Same location as above

Forbidden Introspection – Again, same location. It was a good couple of days for photos.

Treacherous Tributary – I’m just going to stop trying to name locations…they’re all in Desolation Sound and I’ve forgotten all of the specific bays, inlets and islands.

Audacious Bathing

The Rise and Fall

Ocular Obsessions

Unanticipated Vehemency – Photo by Anna

Errant Convention – Photo by Anna


Anonymous Anomaly

Evasively Modest

Torrential Delights

This next one doesn’t get a name. It’s not a good or interesting photo but I’m including it because it’s the first Disc Golf Club House I’ve ever seen or even heard of. The course looked really unique and super challenging but it was a bit late to start a round and really expensive. We did however, end up camping here. Every other campground in a thirty mile vicinity was booked and the course owner had just finished installing some very primitive campsites on the premises.

Freshly Brewed Fixation – Blenz Coffee Shop in Victoria, BC

Atypical Traditionalism – Parliament Building, Victoria, BC

Life in the Fast Lane – Ferry Line, Victoria, BC – All Ferraris

My Land, Your Land, Made For You and Me…and Other Such Xenocentrism – Parliament Building, Victoria, BC

Philanthropic Fluids – Victoria, BC

Psuedo Confrontation – This pirate vessel fired a cannon–sans cannonball–upon our ferry causing no small number of vehicle alarms to sound. Quite amusing.

For the next photo I should probably write some sappy poem involving the phrases “lost at sea” and “amidst the fog” in an attempt to convey disappointment towards the current status of The United States. But, I’m anti-poetry for the most part and am easily annoyed by people who try to remedy global issues through the more controversial forms of art. Plus, I’m too much of an optimist for such whining.

So that’s it for photos from this trip. I know I haven’t included many details but basically it was a fun and relaxing trip with the family. The wind was a bit on the weak side and with the boat we had there wasn’t a great deal of high-seas-adventure. But, the area was gorgeous and dramatic with towering mountains in all directions. En route back to Olympia, Anna and I really enjoyed our brief time in Victoria and want to get back there soon. But, it may be some time before we have that chance given other upcoming travel plans.



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