Posted by: Jack | August 26, 2007

Project of the Day

Almost exactly one year ago I put myself to work constructing a messenger bag with the design phase taking place on the fly. It turned out far better than I had hoped for and serves me well to this day.

Today I’m going to attempt my second major sewing project and hopefully replace my current disc golf bag which although mostly intact, leaves me wanting for a better design. This project is going to be significantly more complex so I’m going to go about actually designing it on paper first–mostly so I know how much material to buy. Currently I’m at the freehand sketching stage but I’m pretty excited with the concept I’ve developed.

I’ll post later today when it should be done. But if you don’t see anything by tomorrow, assume that it turned out terribly and I gave up.

Update: Okay so it’s later today and I’m not done. There are a lot of pieces and all the cutting took quite awhile. Likewise, sewing so many seams will take a fair share of time. At this stage I can see this project turning out really well or terribly, but it won’t likely be somewhere in the middle.

Materials: Ripstop Nylon, ½” High Density Foam, Trigger cloth (the yellow stuff, kinda like canvas), Adhesive Velcro, D-rings

Stenciling and final design adjustments.

Resource maximization. Apparently I overestimated on materials and underestimated my ability to efficiently use those materials. I have tons of leftovers.

The complete bag…except for all that thread that’s going to hold it all together.



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