Posted by: Jack | August 29, 2007

I Deserve a Break

I’m pretty sure my auto and health insurance rates are totally unjustified. First let’s look at auto.

I admit that in the event of an accident, my car would be a bit more expensive to repair/replace than that of your average 24 year old male. For example, when it got nailed by a hail storm a few years back there was $8,500 in damage to the body. But, there are two other factors which drastically raise my rates, one of which is within my power to change while the other is based purely on generalization. The former is the “sporty” status of my vehicle. It is reasonable to infer that people who buy sportier cars are more likely to drive them in a “sporty” manner than those who buy minivans. But this basis of judgment fails to consider other reasons for car choice such as my case where I chose my vehicle for it’s reliability regarding both performance and resistance to general wear and tear. The latter of the two factors mentioned above is my status as a 24 year old male. Statistics show that a majority of accidents involve male drivers. Statistics also show that males make up a majority of drivers on the road. Insurance companies don’t care to factor that in. When it comes to age, it is reasonable to assume that in general, people gain driving experience and better judgment as the years progress–to some extent at least–but I will argue endlessly that when it comes to avoiding accidents, individuals in my age and sex categories are among the most capable. Almost anyone has the mental capacity to steer, brake and accelerate but two key factors are reaction time and coordination. Thanks to the video game era, my generation has been honing these traits since a very young age.

The factor that should trump all above considerations is the fact that since obtaining my driver’s license eight years ago I have had a perfect driving record. No accidents and no tickets. But, I still pay more than double the rate of my female peers, including those with multiple moving violations.

Okay, now lets look at health insurance. It seems every day there is mention from some news source that obesity is continually on the rise in the states and along with that comes the surge of diabetics, heart disease, blah, blah, blah. It gives me no small sense of pride to see that I am not falling victim to whatever forces are causing this prevailing trend. On top of that, it just feels good to be fit and healthy. As far as I’ve been told by health authorities, I fall into no risk-groups for major medical ailments. I do have a history of asthma but it’s so far in the past that even my insurance company’s health history form considers it irrelevant. Now, it is true that I get the base rate with my plan but in addition to not paying extra risk penalties, I would like to see some healthy-lifestyle deductions. I eat well, rarely drink, and most importantly, have a passion for activity/exercise. In fact, the insurance companies should be aggressively competing for my business by undercutting each other since I’m likely (and hopefully) just giving them my money in exchange for peace of mind.



  1. So true! I’d like to suggest sending a copy to your auto and health insurance companies and/or as a letter to the editor of your local paper.


  2. Most of your writing reflect my so nice to find like minded people..I find something so strong when i read your blog..

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