Posted by: Jack | September 1, 2007

Disc Golf Bag – Still In Progress

I’m now almost a week behind schedule on what was intended as a one or two day project. It turned out that the complexity of this disc golf bag is at least one order of magnitude higher than that of any other sewing endeavor previously attempted.

Along the way I’ve made some design adjustments wherever my practical abilities have proven incapable of manifesting my imagined results. One major deviation simplified the project immensely and therefore was a welcome realization. I also decided to add some steel-reinforced struts to assist in maintaining structural integrity. I’m pretty certain that, once fully assembled, the bag would have held its shape regardless, but these struts (pictured in the second image) have completely eliminated any such concerns.

This first picture shows the majority of the bag as seen from the bottom after assembly…save for the outer shell which will hide all the green foam and red nylon.

In comparison, the bottom picture demonstrates how the struts retain the bags shape.

Now if I can figure out how to elegantly apply the outer shell, the bag should be complete shortly.


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