Posted by: Jack | September 4, 2007

Corporate Morale Rally Competitions – In the Bag

At the hotel today, employees were required to attend a Hawaiian themed luncheon where people were rewarded for their varying years of service with tiny pins featuring the company logo. One of these pins was in honor of a housekeeper’s twentieth year at this particular property.

I, with my seven months of exemplary service, walked away with a bag full of candy, a coffee gift certificate, a personal planner accompanied by a very classy pen, and a charcoal grill. Allow me to explain…

Immediately after lunch, it was announced that there would be a series of games with prizes for the winners. The first game: Frisbee-Toss. Enough said. The second challenge was a three-legged-race and I teamed up with fellow banquets employee, Brian, who is an accomplished soccer player, gymnast and martial artist. Although our technique left much to be desired–and left me with a skinned toe–we managed to throw ourselves across the finish line in first place. The third “game” was a piñata. Yes, I agree that a piñata is a little immature and inappropriate for an adult party, but everyone walked away with more candy than they needed. Lastly was the water-balloon toss. Whereas an average person probably plays some form of catch on a monthly basis at best, I spend time almost every day repeatedly throwing and catching balls (juggling). Teaming up with Brian again, we outlasted the competition and then show-boated a bit, throwing the balloon as high as possible and still managing to catch it in tact.

My morale was certainly rallied. I don’t know if I can say the same for employees in the other departments whom already complain about getting paid so much less.


  1. Way to go, Jackson! Sounds like great fun.

    So, where’s the picture of your bag? I can’t take much more suspense!


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