Posted by: Jack | September 5, 2007

Disc Golf Bag Photos and More!

If you haven’t been following this project, you should start from the beginning and work your way up to this point. Now that we’re all on the same page, you’ll recall that I finished the bag two days ago but for an undisclosed reason, did not post any final-product-photos. That reason is that today I was due to receive my new digital camera. After having missed the UPS delivery while out on a wonderful bike ride, I was able to pick it up this evening at the distribution center. The lighting in our apartment is sub-par to say the least and I really dislike using a flash but I didn’t have the patience to wait until tomorrow so I’m posting photos of the finished bag tonight as well as this first photo of my new camera…taken with Anna’s camera. The lens hood is attached making it look super techie but honestly, I doubt I’ll ever use it. This photo also features my new GorillaPod SLR; my old, standard GorillaPod being insufficient to support this larger camera.

This next photo gives an idea of the size difference between the old and new GorillaPods and also features another recent purchase: a crystal chess set. Despite being obtained at a garage sale, it’s in perfect condition and only cost $5. Even more exciting is that after playing three games today, I find that I enjoy chess and am much better than I was last time I played…about ten years ago.

And now, finally, to the disc golf bag. First we have the bag alone with the top-flap open so you can see the design. There are eleven disc slots with the outermost two being slightly larger to accommodate putters. And the big space on the right with the open flap and a marker-disc in it is the accessory pocket which will house various items such as keys, score cards, a shirt and a bike lock.

Next, the bag with eleven discs in it and the pocket sealed. In both of these pictures you can see the end of the top flap which is wrapped around the bottom and secured in place with velcro keeping it out of the way during play.

Here the bag is still loaded with discs and the top flap is closed. The pocket still remains accessible because I shouldn’t have to open the whole bag just to get my keys out. The triangle featured on top has no particular significance. I just wanted something to break up the blank yellow area and a triangle turned out to be a lot easier than the originally planned circle.

And of course I must include a photo to prove that the bag functions. Despite its round shape, the struts in the bag provide balance points so it sits well both against my back and on the ground. The discs are held snuggly in the disc-slots even when the bag is held upside-down yet they slide in and out with minimal applied effort.

Unlike the messenger bag I made last summer, this project was not a money saver. If I hadn’t gone way overboard on my material estimates, the supplies probably would have cost about $30 and thats not including the shoulder-strap which I just swiped from my old bag. Comparable bags can easily be found at that price. And they don’t involve the many hours of labor which were required. But, whatever this bag lacks in financial benefits, is made up for by a one-of-a-kind design and a continual reminder of my better-than-average sewing abilities…and modesty.


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