Posted by: Jack | September 7, 2007

Juggling Video

It’s been a while since I’ve posted any sort of juggling video, so when presented with today’s clear skies and windless…air, as well as my new camera, I ended up juggling and occasionally recording videos downtown for most of the afternoon. I also finally went unicycling, having not done so in months. I’m super rusty.

The two clips (combined) below feature four-club juggling. On video, four-club looks really nice and I think it’s because it produces a lot of frames with either parallel or perpendicular clubs in the air. Patterns to watch for:

  • Flash – All four clubs go into the air before any one returns to the hands. Typically I do this with three rotations (per club).
  • Asynchronous – The basic four club pattern where two clubs are juggled in each hand and the hands throw…asynchronously
  • Synchronous – Same as above but both hands throw at the same time. Even non-jugglers can pick this pattern out easily.
  • Singles – When juggling four clubs, it’s generally easier to have each club rotate twice. Singles consists of rotating each club only once and is harder than it looks…but looks super cool.
  • Flash followed by singles and vice-versa – These are among my favorite of all juggling tricks. Each club goes from three rotations up high, right into one rotation down low…or vice-versa. This can be seen immediately as the video starts.

I still have no skills when it comes to video editing and I doubt I’ll ever produce a quality/lengthy video given the time it takes to edit even short clips. But, I did manage to find a decent transition point between the two clips and add in a dramatic audio-drop/slow-motion/tough-guy ending.

I suggest watching it in another window at a larger size. To do so, click here.


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