Posted by: Jack | September 8, 2007

Successful Garage Sale Outing

Despite our imminent move to Portland which is discouraging us from accumulating any more stuff, we set out on a twenty mile bike ride this afternoon stopping at approximately fifteen garage sales en route. It was another perfect bike-ride-day so the absence of interesting/useful sale items at the first few locations in no way deterred us from continuing on our lengthy loop. And this is good because we made out like garage-sale-bandits at the homes visited nearer to the end of our outing.

But before all of that success, we passed through downtown and found that a year has passed and the salmon have returned to the southern tip of Puget Sound.

And when the salmon are running, there is no shortage of seal sightings nearby. Just moments after we arrived the seals made a successful kill and seemed to flaunt their prize, teasing the eager seagulls who could not pursue the massive meal under the water.

So anyway, back to our haul. After four hours of biking and shopping we ended up with:

  • New and difficult puzzle. The last one was way too easy
  • Nike moisture-wicking shirt
  • Stylish hat
  • Children’s books for Anna to present to her host-family in Guatemala; a recommended tradition.
  • Sporty skirt (for Anna)
  • Super fun honey dispenser thing that was going to be gifted to Jen and Anil until we realized it was too cool. Now it’s just ours.
  • Another sporty shirt
  • A nice and new-ish computer desk for Anna to use after we move.

Total cost for all: $4

And right after leaving the last sale on our route, we came across the table seen below which pretty much sums up the apparent generosity of people in town. The tomatoes were delicious.

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