Posted by: Jack | September 10, 2007

Mountain Dew TV and Me

Remember back in March when I went traveling throughout the southwest states for two weeks with my last stop being in Moab for the 2007 Moab Mountain Unicycle Festival? And remember that one day that I said Mountain Dew was there filming for their “Dew Report” featuring up and coming extreme sports…and then they saw me slacklining and filmed a bunch of that and interviewed me? Well it turns out they didn’t have enough material for a whole special on slacklining. But, I still managed to sneak my way into the MUni show. Click the link below and then on the page that opens look to the right of “Most Popular” and click on the “2” to view the second list of shows and then click on number 6: Muni. During the opening action scenes look at the fourth extremist. Yeah, that’s me! Admittedly, that was a terrible back flip but still…sweet.

The Dew Report: Mountain Unicycling Edit: They keep changing the site around so you might have to search a bit to find the video. But since I’m in the intro sequence you can just click on any of the “extreme” sports videos.

Also watch the rest of the clip because it’s reasonably well done.

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