Posted by: Jack | September 19, 2007

It Has Begun

We’ve officially begun our transition to Portland. All we have left to do is find a place to live and move all of our stuff there. Oh, and spend a good chunk of time in Guatemala before actually moving.

So you may be asking what we’ve actually done to begin the process. In short, we’ve found that craigslist is amazing. We have a couple major items that we don’t want to bring with us but that are in too good of shape to consider trashing so we thought we would try to sell them. Both the bed and the picnic table were claimed in less than an hour. Anna has no idea how much her bed cost originally as it was a gift from her parents but I managed to get a 300% return on my picnic table which I bought last summer for $5.

About a week ago I also sold my Trials BC Wheel — a sort of unicycle that takes way too much determination to master and provides far too little payoff — at 75% of my original cost. Not a bad deal considering it had sat in my closet for the last fourteen months.

Selling stuff is fun.



  1. Hope the rest of the transition process goes as well!

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