Posted by: Jack | September 23, 2007

How Did People Ever <Insert Verb> Before <Insert Technological Advancement>?

This question, or something similar, seems to be asked quite often these days and the technology of choice is often the Internet. Well it’s been almost two months now since our microwave gave out and we’ve yet to find ourselves asking such a question about the preparation of food.

Not only that, but I would argue that we are better off without a microwave. Sure there are occasions where a little something needs heating and it would be quick and easy to nuke it (what a ridiculous figure of speech). But when forced to heat things on the stove or in a toaster oven, they just generally turn out better. In turn, we have better meals which add more enjoyment to our lives at least three times each day.

Attempting to get by without the Internet would impose many inconveniences, but maybe overall quality of life would be better.

…but probably not.

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