Posted by: Jack | October 10, 2007

Blood Car

Unless you regularly attend film festivals, you probably haven’t heard of this movie. I just happened across it last night and went to see it with very limited expectations. Typically the phrase “limited expectations” is used to convey expectation of negative outcomes but I mean it more in the literal sense. Much to my delight, the movie was tremendously hilarious. Despite being evidently low-budget, this film has no shortcomings. It’s simple, clever and does not try to overstep it’s production limitations.

Although clearly a comedy, the film does explicitly close with a political message. And I’m sure you can extrapolate what that message is given only the knowledge that the Blood Car is a car that is fueled by human blood. There is also an excellent portrayal of the often ignored role that humans’ inherent sexual nature plays in the government of everyone’s lives, including those of world leaders.

If I only get to recommend one independent film this year, this is it. But I get to recommend as many as I want so there will be more to come. But seriously, there are a couple of scenes which alone justify the ~$8 and two-hour commitment. I also recommend having a couple of drinks prior to, or along with the movie because it is that kind of funny. To be more specific: if you are one to be offended by fictional yet meaningful representation of cruelty towards puppies, murder of children and elderly and/or disabled persons, or reasonably tame sexual encounters, you might need that light buzz to take the edge off of it all.

9 out of 10.


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