Posted by: Jack | October 13, 2007

Five Club Satisfaction

As previously mentioned, my juggling took a leap forward in the past couple of days. Despite my arms feeling entirely burned out, I was unable to pass up the unusually good weather today and thus found myself downtown at the park again. There were some crazy, low clouds hanging above the sound and Capitol Lake so I decided to bring my camera along. After failing to get any worthwhile photos I decided to instead video my five club so I could check out the third person perspective. And having recorded a number of clips, I decided — as I often do — to share some.

Although all footage was captured today, this compilation basically sums up the last six months of work on juggling five clubs, including the recent break through. Unfortunately, it wasn’t until I got home that I realized that the sun was in one of the angles. But, I got over it and you’ll have to too. To view in larger size (recommended) click here.

If you don’t like the music, give one of the other two options a try. Or, watch all three and let me know which you like best.

Five Club Parappin

Five Club Heart


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