Posted by: Jack | October 14, 2007

Jack’s Weight Control Program

No I am not putting myself on a weight management program. I am introducing a new concept for those looking to burn off some excess calories. Advantages of my program vs. most weight loss programs:

  • Instead of costing money for special meals, counselors, exercise equipment, etc., my system actually saves you money on your home energy bills.
  • My system requires very little will power.
  • My system dictates no alteration in diet.
  • My system dictates no increase in exercise.

I want to preface the remaining explanation by saying that I just came back from seeing The 11th Hour. I had developed this concept a while back but the movie just reminded me of it. I will undoubtedly write a separate post about the movie shortly.

Before I reveal the secret of my program let’s consider a few irrefutable truths.

  • Despite how complex the diet industry would have you believe, body mass is directly related to a simple idea often communicated as you are what you eat. Consider the literal basis for this. Our bodies are powered by the resources we ingest, measured in calories.
  • A healthy body is very good at maintaining a core body temperature generally in the area of 98.6 degrees.
  • The human body is composed primarily of liquid water.
  • Keeping the water of the body (as well as the rest of the materials) at a relatively constant temperature involves metabolization of a calculable number of calories.
  • Calories escaping the body by means of heat dissipation are calories that are not stored in fat cells; a process which leads to growth of more fat cells.
  • As heat escapes, the body must metabolize more calories in order to maintain core temperature.
  • The colder the air surrounding a body, the faster the body will dissipate heat.
  • Heating the air in your home costs money.

You’ve probably figured out my concept by now. If all other things remain constant (diet, exercise) lowering the average temperature of your living environment must force your body to “burn” more calories. Now I can’t say how significant of an effect this would be. It would vary on a person to person basis, factoring in body mass, body-surface-area, body shape, fat distribution, etc. But given the above set of facts, it must be true to at least some degree. I’m not encouraging a total abandoning of home-heating, rather I’m only pointing out an undisclosed benefit/cost of setting your thermostat at a certain temperature. In theory, cold foods (ice cream) should have the same effect.

Why fight millions of years of evolution which have left out bodies craving and enjoying caloric food when instead you could simply push that little down arrow once or twice and have a turtle sundae?

Edit: A thought just occurred to me. If you allow your home to get cold enough, the self-preservation mechanism of shivering will eventually kick in causing a more rapid heating of the body which will consume even more calories. I do not recommend taking the program to this extreme.

Second Edit: Another thought: As my weight control program begins to have an effect, the body will reduce it’s percentage of body fat. Body fat acts as an insulator from heat loss and likewise acts as an inhibitor for my program. Therefore, although initial results will be minimal, any progress in fat reduction will speed up future progress making this a naturally accelerative program.


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