Posted by: Jack | October 18, 2007

Cleaning Tips by Jack

In preparations for our imminent departure from Olympia I found myself doing a deep cleaning of our bathroom this morning. Bathroom surfaces are typically nonporous to prevent wear from regular submersion in various liquids and as such, most of the cleaning just involves wiping with a wet sponge. But when it comes to the well-known difficulties such as mildew, soap scum and general bathroom build-up, the job is a bit tougher.

In my limited experience I’ve used a variety of corrosive products designed for this task and usually they are sprayed on and left for awhile to do a majority of the work for you. But even these products require a fair amount of follow up scrubbing.

Finding myself without any sort of bathroom cleaner on hand I was getting nowhere at all just trying to scrub with water. So naturally I went and grabbed my big can of white gas. I use this gas to clean bike and unicycle parts and it works wonders. It also serves as an ideal fuel for juggling torches.

Dipping a cloth in the gas, I returned to the tub and found that a light wipe left the basin spotless. Not only does the gas make for super quick and easy cleaning but it’s way cheaper than any common bathroom cleaner.

Environmental and safety notes: Plug the drain before doing this and soak up the gas and scum with paper towels rather than rinsing it down the drain. Also ensure good ventilation of the bathroom and do not smoke while doing this. The gas isn’t going to explode on you or anything but generally any fire in the bathroom is undesirable.


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