Posted by: Jack | November 10, 2007

Guatemala – El Estor

Arriving in El Estor around 8 AM after a four hour bus ride, we sought out some much needed coffee and breakfast. While eating yet another eggs, beans and tortilla meal we spoke with another tourist who had been at Paraiso — this day’s next destination — the day before. She had only great things to say about the spot so we grew anxious to get moving.

After breakfast we hit the markets and bought a bunch of oranges and bananas for a total of Q3 (~$0.45) and also made a stop at a panaderia (baked goods shop, one of our staples on the trip as the sweet breads, cakes and cookies are delicious and unbelievably cheap). As we were moving along we passed a meat vendor with an interesting item on display. I’m not sure if it was up for sale or just a means of advertisement but either way it was fairly unappetizing.

With a little time to spare before the bus to Paraiso departed, we walked to the shore of the enormous Lago de Izabel and then toured a bit around the city. According to our invaluable guide book there was supposed to be a park in town featuring a pond filled with crocodiles and turtles but when we found it, it was bone dry and void of life.

We then went about locating our bus and were directed to a street where we found some especially run-down buses that were beat-up to the point where just the sight of them had comedic value. After some further inquiry, we found that our bus was the worst of these as seen below. It was significantly worse on the inside. Click the photo for a short video of the riding experience. For the best simulation, turn your volume up until it hurts your ears and notice how the ratting windows make the ride sound much like a train.

Fortunately it was only about fifteen kilometers to Paraiso so the painful noise was short-lived.

Orange line on the Progress Map

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