Posted by: Jack | November 11, 2007

Craigslist in a Big City

My first exposure to the world of craigslist was in Olympia where I found it an excellent means of selling some junk that would otherwise end up in the dump. But, in further perusing I didn’t find that the limited user-base in town provided the site with much additional purpose.

Now I’m in Portland and things have changed. First off, there are more pertinent job listings than I’ll ever be able to apply to. Secondly, there are many offers for free firewood with which we can make use of the two fireplaces in our new home. And thirdly, but certainly not lastly, we scored an awesome black leather couch this morning for free.  It is currently in the garage (yeah, we have a garage now!) undergoing some adaptations but should be fully installed by the time I get around to photo-documenting our new living space.

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