Posted by: Jack | November 24, 2007

Seattle Juggling and Footbag Festival 2007

Last weekend I reunited with my Olympia juggling acquaintances and headed North to the Seattle Juggling and Footbag Festival (SJFF). While I could go on for hours about the spectacular performances at the two associated shows on Friday and Saturday nights, as well as the immense variety of talent present at the festival all weekend, I find that non-jugglers (most of my readers) tend to be rather uninterested in the specifics.

So instead I just threw a short video compilation together. All of the footage was captured on the last day after half of the attendees had left, so it doesn’t necessarily capture the full breadth of what the festival had to offer. It begins with a couple entries from a first-time-event; footbag choreography, and then continues with clips from the best-trick competition. The clip comes to a close with the two jugglers who were able to stay in the five-club endurance competition long enough for me to run and grab my camera. I’m going to enter that last one next year…and win?

RTA: ~3 min. I suggest watching the clip in full size primarily because its pretty hard to see the footbags in motion otherwise.

Edit: I’m not super happy with GoogleVideo right now. I keep trying to upload higher quality versions of this video and in addition to taking many hours to upload, when finally available the video is terribly corrupted. Might have to switch to YouTube.



  1. Nice work on the video… what kind of camera do you have again?

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