Posted by: Jack | December 7, 2007

I Got One of Those…Oh What Do You Call Them?…Oh Yeah, Jobs!

Starting Monday I will be joining the professional work force as a contract software developer. Aside from the financial compensation which I’m sure I’ll enjoy, the job is located less than two miles from home making it a short bike ride away. One of my biggest worries with seeking employment in Portland was that I would be stuck with a long commute. Having avoided that whole mess makes this opportunity immensely more exciting.

In order to perform the task at hand I am being provided with a laptop which will also be a first for me. I hope I don’t hate it as much as I hate most laptops.



  1. The world’s been waiting; congratulations, Jackson!

  2. welcome to the rest of your life

  3. Yea! Nice going Jack! What are you going to be doing? How long is the contract for? Welcome to the world of regular income (and sitting at a computer for 9 hrs a day.)

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