Posted by: Jack | December 9, 2007

Hiking in the Columbia River Gorge

I’ve hiked a couple trails in the gorge in the past couple weeks; the first with Jennie and Anil and the last with Jennie, Anil and Anna. The first began at the Horsetail Falls trailhead, continued past Ponytail Falls and continued up to Triple Falls. It was kind of a gloomy morning so photography wasn’t great but the hike was still enjoyable.

A few photos:

Horsetail Falls

Ponytail Falls

Some river along the trail.

Winter greenery:

Triple Falls

After the first hike we continued northeast to check on Jenil’s yurt. It was still standing…and there was snow!

The more recent hike was up to Angel’s Rest, passing Coopey Falls on the way. We climbed this one yesterday and though it was quite brisk outside, there wasn’t a cloud in the sky…at least not above us.

Plants along the Angel’s Rest trail

Panoramic of Angel’s Rest with a river of cloud flowing down the gorge in the background.

Jenil and Anna near the point of Angel’s landing

The gorge

A tree

Group shot


After the descent we all celebrated Anil’s birthday (a bit late since the actual day was also Thanksgiving) with lunch at Fire on the Mountain; a hot-wings joint. After loads of delicious greasiness and samples of some flaming hot sauces, we cooled our palettes with some interesting ice creams at a little snack shack near Jenil’s home. The flavors ranged from a delicious but relatively traditional cinnamon, to an experimental but also-tasty maple syrup and bacon…with lots of actual bacon.

All in all a pretty good day, though the digestive challenge of lunch kind of knocked me out for the afternoon.



  1. Great pictures.
    The narrow river you list as “some river along the trail” is the Oneonta river shown in the unique Oneonta ( Indian name meaning Place of Rocks ) Gorge. Your picture shows the gorge from the Oneanta falll to where it breaks out of the Columbia River canyon wall. Side walls on Oneanta cut are about 200 feet vertical and in some places close back in at the top. A very unique environment.

    Thanks for sharing

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