Posted by: Jack | January 13, 2008

Off to a Questionable Start

If you read about my birthday challenge this morning, you’ll know I was heading out for a run today, the first in about a month. I had planned a loop of about six miles which felt somewhat ambitious but I had new running socks, a new running shirt and the weather was the best it’s been since we moved here.

Well it turns out that the trail I hoped to run along has no access points for a stretch of nearly four miles. This left me running for almost a half hour before I reached the trail, a half hour on the trail and not quite another half hour to get home. The run felt great and the blinding sun felt even greater but after more than 10 miles I’m fairly certain I’m going to be hurting tomorrow. Needing to run four of the next six days, I’ll have to recover quickly.



  1. […] run was number 13 of 25 and aside from a continually sore knee as a result of overdoing it on run number one, I’m doing fine. Because of the slight knee discomfort, as well as the less-than-ideal […]

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