Posted by: Jack | January 24, 2008

Something About This Week

If you read my last post you’ll know that I played a role in a film shoot this past weekend; a unicycling-zombie role. The very talented filmmaker has already produced a rough edit of the trailer he’s putting together for what will eventually be a nearly-feature-length film…or so I’m told. I’d love to provide a link to this clip because it’s really impressive but since this trailer is going to be entered into a film festival competition, I’m thinking I should keep it under wraps. If I know you and you want to see it, contact me and I’ll set you up. I suspect that once the final product is ready it will be made available online and I’ll be sure to let people know about it.

When I arrived home from work today I had received three copies of the Ship Harbor Yacht Charters Inc. 2008 Yacht Charters brochure. Filling the entire center page, which measures a full 8.5×11″ is this gorgeous photo taken by me on a sailing trip in Desolation Sound last August (the print looks a lot better than the digital image). Unfortunately, someone failed to print my photo-credit and I’ll certainly be taking that issue up with the company’s owner, who explicitly said that it would be included.

In year’s past I’ve juggled/unicycled/slacklined my way into a few publications here and there and I recall resulting comments about how that sort of thing happens when you live in a smaller town with no real news (La Crosse, WI/Olympia, WA). Well, now I’m in Portland, OR and I still got on TV. So now all you cynics can go ahead and admit that you were actually just jealous. Anyway, Oregon Public Broadcasting did a short special on the Reed College Juggling Club which I attend each week. They now put their shows online so you can watch it and me here:

Oregon Art Beat — Portland Juggling



  1. Thanks for the fun, impressive update! You know me; please share the link to the video. Enjoyed the Juggling Club piece!

  2. Is that you juggling 5 clubs during the intro to the club segment?

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