Posted by: Jack | January 31, 2008

Birthday Challenge – Half Way There

Today’s run was number 13 of 25 and aside from a continually sore knee as a result of overdoing it on run number one, I’m doing fine. Because of the slight knee discomfort, as well as the less-than-ideal weather and limited daylight after work, lately I haven’t been running quite the distances I had originally intended. However, I’m still averaging well over four miles/run and I plan on maintaining that.

It was especially crappy outside today, with cold rain and strong winds but apparently I’m getting my legs back because I shaved 40+ seconds/mile off of the pace I’ve been averaging.  If this acceleration continues (highly doubt it) I’ll be running six minutes miles by the end of this challenge!


  1. Take care, Jackson. Pay attention to that sore knee.

    The Igloo pics bring back fun memories! You could build an even bigger, better igloo if you were in Madison this winter. This is our second snowiest winter on record!

  2. […] interesting note about this sub-6-minute pace is that just last Thursday I had joked about how I might be able to accomplish a six minute mile by the end of this […]

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