Posted by: Jack | February 2, 2008

New Gear!

Recently it occurred to me that with my newly found income I should probably begin enhancing my life by adding/upgrading material possessions. Today I set a good pace with two such purchases.

The first item arrived early afternoon via FedEx and after some configuration and reorganization, alleviated some pressure which had been the source of moderate irritation for a few years now. As illustrated in the photo below, the Western Digital 500 GB external hard drive (lower left) turned what was previously six almost-all-blue pie charts into seven mostly-pink pie charts. If you’re not sure what this means, right click on one of your PC’s hard drives and select ‘Properties’.

The second purchase was somewhat impulsive. I found myself at REI with two gift certificates and a strong desire to use them. However, in regards to an outdoor-gear-arsenal, I’m already well equipped. So, unable to purchase something I need, I purchased a replacement for an item which currently left me wanting. Now, instead of hauling around a five+ lbs., bulky, overly-warm sleeping bag (left), I’ll be packing the REI Kilo Flash 40°F ultra-light bag (right). Thanks to Julie, Jennie and Warren for the gift certificates.

Time to start planning this year’s backpacking trip!


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