Posted by: Jack | February 5, 2008

Birthday Challenge – I’m Bragging

You may already be thinking, “Jack…at least half of your blog is devoted to bragging.” If this is the case, you would be mistaken. In actuality, my life and the things I do are just that great.

But today, with no modesty whatsoever, I am bragging…about yesterday. As I was beginning the 3.7 mile loop I’ve been doing regularly, I decided to really push myself rather than just go for the same old run. Checking my pace at the approximate ¼ waypoint I realized that I was really making good time despite having had to stop and wait at an intersection which I can usually run straight through. Recognizing the potentially great sense of accomplishment that would come from finishing with my fastest time yet for this loop, I pushed even harder. By the half way point I was beyond anaerobic and really struggling to keep speed. The last mile may have been the hardest mile I’ve ever run. But, I finished and took a look at my watch. Having waited at three intersections for approximately one minute total, I finished the loop in 24 minutes and 15 seconds.

Ignoring the intersection delays that’s just over a 6:30/mile pace. Factoring in the intersection time it’s just over a 6.15/mile pace. This is all well and good. But, today I was sitting at work and it dawned on me that I had initially calculated the 3.7 mile distance by simply taking the time of my first run of the loop and comparing it to a rough guess at my pace.

So I jumped on GoogleMaps, suspecting that the loop would actually be significantly shorter and this would explain my speedy time. However, plugging in all the intersections produced a distance of 3.9 miles! This means that for nearly four miles I maintained an average pace of 5 minutes and 58 seconds per mile!

One interesting note about this sub-6-minute pace is that just last Thursday I had joked about how I might be able to accomplish a six minute mile by the end of this challenge.



  1. Really?! Congratulations!! Bet you can’t wait to try that again. How’s your knee?

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