Posted by: Jack | February 19, 2008

Birthday Challenge – Virtual Tour

I previously mentioned the frustration experienced as I ran along the river gorge, being unable to bring a camera along to capture all of the amazing scenery. Furthermore, I rarely expended the time and energy necessary to access the truly spectacular vistas.

So the day after the big run, Anna and I hopped in the car (this turned out to be much easier than running) and drove out to see some of these sites as well as play a round of disc golf at Dabney State Park along the way.

As an experiment, I mounted my camera on my dashboard and took a low-frame-rate video of the journey. Compiling all the clips and playing them at 10x actual speed (~40x my running speed) still produced a semi-lengthy clip which sort of aids in conveying what 25 miles along the road actually looks like.

The clip is six minutes long — which is too long — but, running it any faster made it unbearably dizzying. It’s bad enough as it is. But this is only where the problems began. After uploading to GoogleVideo and YouTube, they both massacred the video, producing six minutes of a blurry mess. Facebook ended up retaining the greatest quality level so for those of you who have an account, here it is.

I’m going to try uploading directly to WordPress later on and if that turns out better I’ll update this so everyone can see it.

*If you’re curious as to why the camera pans away from the road occasionally, we were trying to capture Mt. Hood and the numerous Washington-side mountains, but after the quality reduction, all was lost.



  1. Brother,

    Very, very cool. Nice choice of tunes also. Great idea.


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