Posted by: Jack | February 23, 2008

Zeitgeist (Movie)

I’d been meaning to watch this movie for some time now and am sort of glad to have gotten around to it last night. My favorite movies are often those that leave me needing to discuss the film or concepts presented with others. Typically this only occurs with documentaries, which this film is. But, last night I felt that this movie almost pushed me too far.

The film is broken into three parts. The first traces the origins of Christianity back to the zodiac calendar (astrology) as well as ancient Egyption theology. The undeniable facts about the alignments of stars in historical times, combined with the plausibly deniable — but extremely coincidental — interpretations of those alignments presented in the movie are extremely convincing. I had never heard of Christianity’s origins being traced this far back but it comes across as extremely likely. The overall point of part one is just that the Jesus allegory is simply another rendition of a mythical interpretation of the movement of the stars. This is nothing new but as I said, it’s presented in a very convincing manner.

As part two begins, it seems the movie has jumped off the tracks and landed on a whole new topic; the proposed conspiracy that now goes under the stupid name of 911. After a mountain of evidence is piled up, the claim is that the entire attack was not only foreseen, but also planned, by individuals in the Bush administration. The detailing of how the towers should not have collapsed — especially not as quickly as they did — and the evidence of previous tampering with the building’s steel structure really got me wondering. Part two goes on to describe how this tactic — feigning an attack in order to justify starting a war — is in no way novel to the U.S.

Part three really got to me. In our discussions about the reasons for our country remaining in a state that is unsatisfactory for a majority of it’s citizens, Anna and I have come to the conclusion that a very small number of individuals, who already have more money than they could possibly use, make decisions to benefit themselves, knowing full well that the repercussions will be undesirable for the majority. Obviously we aren’t the first to reach this end but after numerous discussions, we’ve found no other logical explanation. Details on that may come in another post. Back to the movie. Part three claimed that this elite group does exist and is primarily made up of those who own/run the world’s banks and the Federal Reserve. Very surprising to me was the fact that The Federal Reserve is simply the name of a private corporation and it is in no way ‘federal’ in the sense of being run by the government. An interesting associated point was that no law exists that says citizens must pay a federal income tax.

These three conspiracies are tied together in that they all deceive and manipulate the majority in order to obtain power and control for a tiny minority. If you know me, you know I fully agree with this being the purpose for the origin and continued growth of organized religion. The other two issues presented are still up in the air for me.

I’m recommending this movie to all; progressive and conservative, gullible and cynical, young and old (needed a third pairing). If you buy what the movie is selling, it will probably change your life (at least for a few days). If you think it’s deceitful, well organized propaganda…it’s still really entertaining, deceitful, well organized propaganda.

Edit: I thought I would include a link to the trailer but was only able to locate independently created trailers. However, while searching for it I found that the entire movie is hosted on the movie’s official website.

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