Posted by: Jack | March 9, 2008

Doing My Part

I’m out to lunch the other day when a police car comes flying into the parking lot and parks at an angle directly in front of the main entrance. Though the lights weren’t flashing, I assumed something was up because the officer had parked across the only two disabled-parking spaces, effectively blocking them as well as the only wheelchair access ramp.

But then the officer casually climbs out of the car and strolls in to sit down with who I later gather is her daughter. They sit around chatting for the extent of my time there. As I’m walking out the door I am quite appalled by this whole situation so I decide that rather than be irritated all day, I’ll go and express my concern:

Me: Excuse me, that’s your car out front, right?
Officer: Yes.
M: Can I ask why you chose to park across both of the disabled-parking spaces?
O: I’m only going to be here a short time.
M: That’s hardly reason to do that. There are open spaces everywhere. And why would you park diagonally across two, blocking the wheelchair ramp?
O: Thank you for your opinion.
M: I have to assume that if another car was parked like that when you drove up, it would have received a large citation.
O: Thank you for caring.
M: I just think that it’s extremely inappropriate. Can you offer any explanation as to why you did that?
O: If you’ll excuse me, I’m having lunch with my daughter.

Turns out that expressing my dissatisfaction did not relieve my anger. I would call her actions an abuse of power but that doesn’t really apply since she did not benefit from them. She could have parked equally close to the door in a legal spot. I can only assume that she did it simply to feel powerful and above-the-law.

I wish I had had my camera to document what, in my opinion, should get her immediately relieved of her badge. Instead, I settled for her badge number which I used to file a formal complaint with a third party service.



  1. This happened to me once, though it wasn’t disabled parking spaces, it was motorbike parking. Being a biker myself at the time I was really miffed, but also came second when I tried to politely point out to the two officers having lunch that they were breaking the law.

  2. […] Could Be the Start of Something A little over a month ago I filed a complaint regarding a police officer who had parked diagonally across two parking spots which are reserved […]

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