Posted by: Jack | March 10, 2008

Adventurous Weekend

Friday night I joined a couple bastards for a muni ride known as the Night Security Patrol. I still haven’t heard a complete explanation for the title but apparently we were out there checking for terrorists or something. There is Forest Park, a massive green space in northwest Portland which is packed with miles and miles of trails. Due to a slight mix-up I ended up riding without a light which added a significant challenge. After an hour or so, our route brought us out of the hills and into the core of downtown Portland.

After a quick stop at a market — and a bit of grocery store isle unicycling — we made our way to the development studio of local cinematographer, Burk Webb. Burk had recently completed a short film featuring us bastards as unicycling zombies and it has been submitted to a bike-centric film festival in town. Our ride tonight had originated as a precursor to the premiere which took place at Burk’s. After the third or fourth viewing, hysteria subsided and we all settled in for Planet Terror, a sort-of-zombie flick. Pretty funny and cleverly produced.

Saturday began with Anna and I enjoying our weekly morning trail-run but then turned out to be an equally great uni-day as I spent a good chunk of the afternoon on the East Esplanade riding some trials. A group of phenomenal trials bicyclists showed up, putting my skills to shame…but they had handlebars, brakes and two wheels so my ego remained inflated. They seemed equally impressed with me and now I have a second group to ride trials with. I managed some of the most technical lines of my life during these couple hours so I went home quite satisfied but also entirely spent.

Anna and I got a slow start Sunday morning which was worsened by the realization of the daylight-savings time change. Heading North of town we set out hiking along the Warrior Rock Lighthouse Trail on the eastern shore of Sauvie Island. The clear skies offered expansive views encompassing Mts. Hood, Adams and St. Helens (second photo).

After three miles the trail ends at the Warrior Rock Lighthouse. St. Helens can be seen again in the background.

Arriving back home mid-afternoon, I quickly packed up my uni-gear and jumped back in the car. While on the return-hike, another couple of bastards had invited me to join them for a muni ride near Scappoose, a small town very near where we had been hiking. I was reluctant after such a full weekend but could not pass up the opportunity and as soon as we hit the trails I knew I had made the right choice. Scappoose is without doubt, my new favorite location for muni. Technical trails with numerous artificial features provide a perfect mix of challenge and ride-ability. The highlight of the ride was nailing the gap-drop shown below, just as a group of bikers came through to witness the feat (I didn’t actually jump back up it, it just looks funny in reverse).


So excited to be unicycling so often again.


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