Posted by: Jack | March 23, 2008

Born Again XC Skier

Alright, to be fair, I was never that faithful to the sport in the first place. I went a few times as a kid and a couple times in college but then we were far more interested in trying helicopters off of one foot jumps than in covering any significant distance.

But inspired by Jenil’s recent purchase of XC gear, Anna and I rented some equipment from REI for the weekend (pretty good deal) and this morning celebrated the floating of Jesus’s ghost (as learned through Sunday-school videos) by doing an eight mile loop out by Trillium Lake. Despite the warm-ish but rainy, spring-like conditions in Portland, only an hour to the East we found heavy snowfall and a base of 8 feet featuring well-groomed trails. Amazingly, in our three hours out there, we only encountered other people in the last few minutes.

XC may replace alpine for me, mostly due to cost. A day-pass to any of the alpine resorts generally runs about $50/person while an annual Snow-Park pass costs $20 and covers everyone you can fit in one car.


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